NAMEK.IO est à l'étape de financement Seed pour un total de 450 000€ levés.

Most of the startups still experience serious problems while looking for funding. Meanwhile, tech startups raised over $6.3 B through ICOs. We want to make this innovative source of funding available to everyone, particularly in the emerging-market countries across the world. In fact, our platform can be used as a bridge to allow youth entrepreneurship in the developing economies to gain access to the international investment capital market. Moreover, thanks to our Taas (Tokenization as a Service), Bounty and Airdrop ecosystem, startups can gain access to a worldwide workforce without any actual cash flow. In fact, those freelancers will be paid with tokens that will have a value after the successful ICO launch. In others words, we allow startups to raise money through an ICO and to delay expenses thanks to the Taas.This will help them to reach the speed where they can shift into the next gear.