Recast.AI est à l'étape de financement Seed pour un total de 2 000 000€ levés.

Recast.AI is an artificial intelligence startup simplifying the creation of conversational robots, called bots, by allowing developers to create their own personal robot with an intuitive collaborative online platform. The most democratised use cases of bots today are client support, online booking or retail bots, but they are applicable in many different sectors: health, travel, productivity, business, and many more. Where there’s conversation, there can be a bot.

Recast.AI is qualified by its true simplicity, thanks to an intuitive interface, but also by its collaborativity. Indeed, every user puts his bots at the disposal of other users, and participates in the training of the global artificial intelligence of Recast.AI.

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115 Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris, France